The specific design is the Popomo, a tiny modern home built on an 8′ by 20′ trailer. It differs from the traditional style of many Tumbleweed tiny houses while retaining the clever interior space design. Inside the house you’ll find a bed nook on the main level (no loft), a tiny functional kitchen, and a bathroom with toilet and shower. There’s also a main living room with big glass doors that provides a lot of light and helps connect the interior living spaces with the home’s surroundings.

For a limited time you can get a free copy of Popomo Plans when you buy the Small House Book by Jay Shafer. Visit the Tumbleweed Tiny House Companywebsite for details about the free Popomo Plans offer.

All told, Tumbleweed spent months of time researching materials and working with experts. The house was designed by Jay Shafer, and he worked with an architect to create 3d visualizations of the exterior and interior of the house. The plans were drawn up, and then we completed 3d isometrics showing the construction of the house step-by-step. An HVAC engineer was brought in to make sure the house could be heated to 68 degrees anywhere in the US.

Tumbleweed researched trailer suppliers and found over 30 suppliers across the US and Canada that sell the trailer needed to build this house and have listed them on our website. Tumbleweed also contacted over 50 steel suppliers and made arrangements with one to custom make the steel panels fit just right for this house … and Tumbleweed can ship them anywhere in the Continental US.



The book is 196 pages and contains 22 designs that range in size from 64 to 840 square feet. For those wanting to design their own tiny house, Jay describes 7 organizing principles and 42 design elements for efficient tiny house design.