Patrol Ultralight Concept Aircraft by Kate Dekhtyarenko

Patrol Ultralight Concept Aircraft is compact and lightweight as well as super-easy to use and assemble.

 Patrol Ultralight Concept Aircraft by Kate Dekhtyarenko

Designed primarily for emergency situations like fire-prevention patrol, patrol of reserves zones, ice and trade investigation, search and rescue works.

The wing – represents system of blocks from a framework and from fitted by synthetic fiber, blocks are joined by means of special connections, forming a monolithic wing. The average module of a wing is a basic element to which fasten: management wheel, motor and suspension bracket fastenings. At the edges of a wing control units – elevons, for maneuvers .

A hybrid electric/solar/petrol propeller system gives it extra efficiency and longevity in the sky.

via: coroflot / designer: Kate Dekhtyarenko