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collaborative cooking

Collaborative Cooking is a project initiated and created by Christian Isberg, Petter Johansson Kukacka, Lasse Korsgaard and Carl Berglöf. Read more

LIFT - pot and  lamp

Mario Alessiani presents LIFT: a pot realized for the French company QuiEstPaul?  Read more

Wheely's Bicycle Cafe

The world’s smallest and most ECO-friendly café and the world’s first open source brand. All in one! The concept is a café is totally enclosed in a bicycle. Read more

Getrid by Qaos

GETRID is a mobile application that helps people to get rid of the things they don’t need anymore and find things that could be reused. Read more

Largest Aerial Sculpture To Premiere in Vancouver by Janet Echelman

Echelman’s sophisticated mixture of ancient craft and modern technology has led to collaborations with aeronautical and mechanical engineers, architects, lighting designers, landscape architects, and fabricators to “transform urban environments world wide with her net sculptures.” Read more

AL13 v2

AL13 v1 by designed by m was a revolutionary product because it only reduced signal strength by 5 – 10% while other metal bumpers were known to cause signal loss as high as 30%

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Urban Elevator in Echavaoiz / AH Asociados

This project emerge from an R+D+I study on Pedestrian Mobility in “Echavacoiz Norte”, commissioned by the City Council of Pamplona to the Innovation Department of ah asociados.

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Sustainability Treehouse / Mithun

Sustainability Treehouse / Mithun

The Sustainability Treehouse, a Living Building Challenge targeted interpretive and gathering facility situated in the forest at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, serves as a unique icon of camp adventure, environmental stewardship and innovative building design.

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