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LLAMA – Temporary Clothes Storage

LLAMA by André Simón

Perfect for those who tend to leave their clothes all over the floor. Read more


Stesco is the first peripheral add-on that allows you to make high-quality 3D stereoscopic photos using two iPhones! Read more

12 dwellings in Jaen, Spain / bRijUNi Architects

A very challenging site demanded an extremely complex solution to make 12 dwellings of very different sizes fit in this particular sloping plot. Read more

i Ready O by PlusD

The i Ready O is a vintage-inspired radio that helps people find a use for old yet still working iPhones. Read more

Avian-Inspired Architecture in Mashhad, Iran

Avian-inspired Architecture in Mashhad, Iran
At the entrance of the landmark city of Mashhad, Iran, this “living architecture” is inspired by the birds inhabiting the city’s Imam Reza shrine, where tourists flock to take in the architecture & avian dwellers. Read more

Mercedes-AMG GT3

Mercedes-AMG GT3

Mercedes-AMG has unveiled its new GT3 racer. It is an altogether more hedonistic and angry-looking version of its GT sibling, which looks positively sedentary in comparison. The GT3 will race in the FIA GT3 Championship. Read more

Tubakuba Mountain Hub / OPA Form

Tubakuba Mountain Hub OPA Form

Tubakuba is constructed of 95 percent wood. Read more

Aston Martin Vulcan – Coming Soon!

Aston Martin Vulcan

The Aston Martin Vulcan is the British car manufacturer’s new track-exclusive V12 engine supercar. The vehicle, based on the Aston Martin GT, will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and will be limited to only a couple dozen units. Read more